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Financial Aid For Single Mothers

If you are a single mother, the available types of financial aid depend on your monthly or annual income, the state you live in, and your level of need. The amount of funds is unimaginably huge.
However, most of the allocated amount for financial assistance goes unused each year. This happens not because there are no single mothers who need financial assistance so badly, but rather, they are not aware that such programs exist.
It is time to make an end to this.

Financial Aid Programs For Single Mothers

Financial aid for single mothers varies according to need. If you need assistance in paying the rent or monthly mortgage, you can ask for a housing loan or grant. Those who need assistance in buying food and other necessities can also ask for food stamps and emergency cash aids. Moreover, you can also ask help in paying for your college tuition and books.

It is really good to know that government and non-government agencies are trying their best to help not only single moms, but generally those who are in need. To give you more information on financial aid for single mothers, let us discuss each of them.

Housing Assistance

Financial aid for single mothersYou can apply for single mother housing aid from various housing programs. Government agencies, such as the United States Housing and Urban Development Department, allow you to apply for a housing grant, given that you are eligible. Eligibility varies from one program to another, but most of them are need-based and require you to have a job, as well.

Most housing programs provide financial aid for single mothers, which help them pay for the monthly rent. The TANF or Temporary Assistance for Needy Families can provide up to 5 years of housing assistance.
Alternatively, you can ask assistance from Habitat For Humanity. It is a non-government organization that provides housing to those who really need it. The agency requires repayment, but the monthly payment scheme depends on your annual salary.

Food Assistance

Financially unstable single moms find it very difficult to get food for their kids, let alone for themselves. Luckily, apart from housing assistance, you can also get financial assistance for a guaranteed food supply for you and your child.

The SNAP or Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program is just like your old-fashioned food stamp, but the government decided to rename and repackage it because most people find “being under welfare” as disgraceful. In order to remove the negativity that comes with food stamps, the government uses Electronic Benefits Card, which is loaded every month and can be used to buy food supply and other necessities.

You do not have to see yourself as a disgrace even if you are under welfare. Your family deserves to have food on the tabled every single day, and that is what you have to keep in mind. Please note that SNAP is not a financial aid for single mothers alone, it may also be rewarded to those who are in dire need of monthly food supply.

College Education Assistance

Financial aid for single moms does not only come in forms of food and housing, but in education, as well. There are several federal grants to assist you in your college education requirements. The Pell Grant and Federal Supplementation Education Opportunity Grant are just two of the available government grants that offer financial aid for mothers returning to college.

In addition to these government grants, many private sectors also have educational programs for single moms and worthy students in general. The good news is, some college grants for single moms also offer day care assistance to ensure that their children are in good hands while they study.

Aid For Utility Bills

utility aidA low-income single mom needs to pay the bills, as well. Therefore, to make sure that your kids do not suffer lack of cooling and heating means, you can apply for the LIHEAP or the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program. This program is not only a financial aid for single moms, it is also created to help families with low income pay their monthly utility bills.

Medical Insurance Assistance

Single mothers can also benefit from the Insure Kids Now! Program of the Department of Health and Human Services. The program provides low cost health insurance for children of low-income families. The requirements differ according to state, so it is best to visit the Insure Kids Now website to check if your kids qualify for the program.

There are many kinds of financial aid for single mothers that you can avail of. If you need education or housing assistance, help in buying food and medication, or any other things that you and your child need, you can look for a program that will make your life easier and more comfortable. Do not let that chance pass by.