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Financial Assistance For Single Mothers

Single mothers are prone to money worries, regardless of the standing of our economy. Their child’s current and future needs lie on their shoulders alone. This is not only financially stressful, but emotionally draining, as well, which can bring a great toll on the mother-child relationship. Good thing there are several types of financial assistance for single mothers. Single moms can now request for financial help from different government and non-government organizations, which can aid them in raising their children.

Various Types of Financial Assistance For Single Mothers

The major types of financial assistance for single mothers are:

College Scholarship

For single moms who want to continue their college studies, there are several government bodies to assist them to pay for their tuition fees, books, and other expenses. Among the most popular financial assistance for single mothers are Federal Grants. Apart from the Federal Grants, single mothers can also take advantage of the scholarships different foundations offer. Please note that Federal Grants are granted based on the needs or educational merits of a person.

Cash Assistance

Non-profit sectors are among the organizations that give “cash gifts” to single mothers with emergency cash needs. This kind of financial assistance provides mother with financial assistance, which helps them pay the bills or for any emergency purposes. However, not everyone is qualified to receive cash grants. Many of these grants are provided based on your monthly or annual income, which means that employment is a requirement.

Rental Assistance

Unlike other financial assistance for single mothers, programs for rental assistance usually ask for repayment of “loans”. Additionally, you are also required to have a job and a good credit record.

Other Financial Assistance Offered By the Federal Government

To name a few, these are some of the other financial aid programs for single mothers:

  • transportation assistance
  • home loans with low interest plans
  • plus loans
  • student loans (repayment required)

From hunger to not being able to send their children to school, and to the wide percentage of unemployment; these are just some of the problems a single mother will face. Although working hard could possibly raise their quality of life, this is not always the case. That is why, knowing the available financial assistance for single mothers is crucial to make way for a better future.